Thursday, 16 February 2012

3 Minutes for Tea

Watched a very interesting programme on telly last night about food. This time it was about our favourites and whether they are good or not. I suspect it was sponsored by the food industry. Anyway it turns out that tea is terribly good for you, but you must let the teabag or whatever steep for at least three minutes and up to seven to get your full antioxidant effect. Also you can eat as many eggs as you like without it materially affecting your cholesterol. I also picked up a slight fag-end of some dietary advice on a radio programme, implying that high protein and low carbs are very good for boosting weight loss for some reason which is different from the usual ones presented.

Meetups 'r Us. Went to Yayoi Kusama on Monday. Now going to: a free guided tour around the V & A costume dept, followed by a visit to the Royal Academy Art Fair; a £10 Thai dinner; a visit to the Mall Galleries to see a pastels exhibition followed by a meeting in a pub; a curry evening in the City; and She Stoops to Conquer at Southbank. These are just the outings I have booked so far. Must try and make it to a French speaking outing. Have been too knackered so far. All this has come at a very good time, just as I retire, and apart from Nibby coming to stay and practising drawing on my ipad, mucking out the Augean stables at home etc., will give me plenty to do and look forward to. Amaryllis is now out, above.

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