Thursday, 2 February 2012

Damned Cold

so I decided to put my central heating on constant but at a lower temperature, about half way on the thermostat. The house is now much warmer and more comfortable day and night.

Dentist visit. fortunately I was able to have a white filling with a pin but needed a rather expensive xray. The whole thing was £120. However I need a new top plate for my false teeth, which will come to around £350. Still, I will eat, which tends to wear things out. My dentist complimented me on my very good dental hygiene, and said I now looked much younger than I had three years ago when I saw her last. My kind of dentist!

Today I am visiting the quack again about my back. I am supposed to have seen the hospital about this but have not yet received an appointment. They probably ration appointments for those over 60, so I may have a long wait. We shall see.

Tomorrow is my last official invitation - to the pensioners annual party. According to the Chairman I have a standing invitation to all of these parties in the future. I suspect this may well be the last. The death of my ex has certainly reminded me rather forcibly of my own mortality. I shall have to make the effort to tidy up all my papers - I find the deeds to my flat in a weird place the other day, which shows how necessary it is to sort out all the rubbish. I currently have about ten huge files and at least three or four drawers, despite having got rid of masses of stuff recently - about three huge black bags. Oh well.

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