Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Dental Fitting

today for new upper plate. £350. Phew! Oh well, could have been considerably worse. Today, I evilly made a tart. Unrolled some pastry, shortcrust, should have been puff. Sprinkled with about 100g ground almonds, then covered with slices of apple, quite roughly, then sprinkled with sugar and dotted with butter here and there. Added a little sprinkled cinnamon, then stuck in a hottish oven for half an hour or so until a bit burnt. Sprinkled with icing sugar. I ought to throw it away, but suspect I shall sample a little and may freeze the rest. We shall see.

A further search for information revealed my exes GP. Apparently the next of kin (my son) can write in and apply to see his medical notes. Seems he is the only person who is entitled to do so. Also appears that a JP signature to verify birth certs etc carries no weight with the Treasury. I have agreed to take the originals in on Thursday, with any other information they require to see. All a bit gloomy, but there it is.

Blood test at the GP tomorrow. I shall be going out drawing on Saturday if the weather is good enough. Still trying to decide whether to take a sketchbook or force myself to continue with the ipad. May take both.

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