Sunday, 26 February 2012

Unsuccessful Attempt at Thai Dinner

Having bedecked myself in diamonds and pearls, set forth for my Thai dinner. Unfortunately I had put the wrong night in my diary. 'Senile decay' they used to call it. Quite rightly it would seem, in my case.

Fortunately I had the last of some soup I had made, and defrosted some Stilton which I crumbled into a toastie. Divesting myself of my jewels and smart dress, I watched some catch-up programmes on my ipad before reading some old Wilkie Collins things which I had downloaded for free. Currently reading After Dark, which is good fun once you get used to the old-fashioned language. Downloaded some more Gaskell too so I shall have stuff to read without spending money. Wish I could download free food from Ocado.

Weight stayed the same this week. Although I managed a couple of lower calorie days, I suspect I overate on the other days. I shall attempt this supposedly successful method at weight loss for one more week, though the willpower is somewhat lacking, before no doubt reverting to my former system, which though extremely slow, seems more reliable. I may have to reduce the calories generally, since I have been plateauing for far too long. We shall see.

Dorothy and Julian due back today or tonight. Have missed them.

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