Monday, 6 February 2012

Lunch with Dorothy and Ed

Les Deux Salons in William IV Street, handily near St. Martins in the Fields and the Portrait Gallery, is quite old-fashioned looking, and inside, even more so, but is apparently fairly recently open. They do an excellent lunch for around £15, three courses, so we chose this. Ed has now finished uni and is about to start work in Auckland in a week. Meanwhile he seems to have almost travelled all over the world doing his 'grand tour' before real life sets in. Dorothy managed to join us for lunch, which we really enjoyed, catching up on news from New Zealand and the family.

A quiet afternoon and evening. Now reading Nathaniel Hawthorne 'House of the Seven Gables' downloaded free on my ipad - having just read 'Night of the Assassin'. All good fun. Also recently finished Mrs Gaskell's 'Mothers and Daughters'. I have another Mrs Gaskell and some Trollope downloaded ready to read. So good not to be cluttering the house with even more books.

Dentist today, and quack for bloodletting tomorrow. How medical my life has become. Still toying with the idea of 'speaking French in a pub' tonight. Good idea but not sure I can face going up to town tonight in this weather. We shall see.

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