Sunday, 19 February 2012

Out Again

Had a call from Alice, who apologised for abandoning me last night and said she felt very guilty, as she should. Apparently she stayed very late anyway so it was a good thing I left.

Rushed off to the pastels exhibition at the Mall Gallery. Some were quite good, and had a cup of hot chocolate to cheer the chilly day. Then we sloped off to the Chandos for a drink, and were later to meet for a meal in a cafe, but I decided to come home. At the Mall gallery I met a cheery Scottish lass called Marie who housekeeps for a Duchess in London. Marie is an absolute sweetie who had been caught up in some strange religious community demanding no makeup or fun and complete celibacy. She eventually escaped this ghastly regime after many years having finally seen sense and is now wearing makeup etc. etc and has a boyfriend. And is living somewhere smart looking after her Duchess, who is apparently very nice, in London.

The jazz singer I met is keen to visit the Toulouse-Lautrec when she has time, and told me about a place in Battersea called le Quecumbar which has jazz and where she sings sometimes. Apparently it specializes in Django Reindhardt type music. Tomorrow they have a group from Barcelona. She says it is really good fun, so may try it some time. Though the Toulouse Lautrec is closer and I have a Groupon for this.

Bloody cold, and returned to many complaints from Kooky about the lack of luncheon and a late dinner. Must try harder.

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