Tuesday, 21 February 2012

O2: the Nightmare from Hell

Had some difficulty finding the undertakers to collect the ashes. My mobile kept saying 'no service'. Emailed my son to see if he had any ideas. Then paid the bill by internet, before discovering I had then paid it twice. Picked up my homephone to call them, (also O2) and the line was dead!

Emailed and twittered about it frantically. Guess what? they email me back saying I can look at my bills and TEXTING me a password to the phone they have disconnected! They will repay the money but have not reconnected my mobile or homephone.

Then the boiler broke down. Not being able to ring the company I went out to buy a cheap mobile. Guess what? W H Smith do not sell them any more and Tesco have none in stock, (which they discovered after I waited in a long queue and the woman in front of me paid £49 for several packet of fags all in small coins). So I can't afford to pay £25 for a mobile to ring up about this. So should I have a medical emergency I can't ring anyone to get help. Thanks, O2.

Hope it doesn't get too cold tonight or I shall add hypothermia to their crimes against me. I suppose I could leave the electric oven on overnight with the door open.

You might think that a) they would warn you if they were going to cut you off, or b) if you paid their bills by direct debit they would not cut you off. A lesson to learn is that it is obviously never a good idea to have your home phone and mobile with the same company, and preferably, neither with O2.

I am still without any phones at the house. I shall attempt to email the central heating insurers.

Just not my day.

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