Monday, 6 February 2012

Snowy Lunch in South Ken

Dreadful tube problems yesterday. The snow had settled during the night, so I went out well prepared for the cold weather, very warmly dressed. I arrived at Piccadilly Circus to discover the Heathrow tubes were cancelled, so took the tube back to Embankment to get the District Line to South Kensington. Ambled along to the pub, where I met quite a few interesting people, including a chemical engineer (must find out what that is), then to Christies to look at lots of paintings exhibited for viewing before the auction. I have to say I am now seeing my own artwork in a better light. There was some good stuff, and I quite liked the more affordable Picasso ceramics. There were also a couple of lively paintings by someone called Theo Tobiasse, born in Lithuania in 1927 which caught my eye. They were quite cartoonish images of people in Paris, and very jolly.

I left quite early, feeling rather tired - probably overcome by the large roast chicken lunch and whisky Mac I had consumed, to have a lazy afternoon.

Had a call from Concha in Barcelona who had heard about the death of my ex. She and Nicos had been a bit shocked to hear the news, but are coping quite well - as she said, she had not seen him for at least ten years, and Nicos had not known him well.

Meeting my nephew Ed, in town for lunch today. His cousin Dorothy hopes to join us for a while if the pressures of office life allow. It would be good for them to meet again, and Ed says he is looking forward to it.

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