Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Shrove Tuesday

Long bus journey on the 188 to collect the ashes of my ex from Albins. They came with a certificate of cremation which needs to be produced if anyone is going to take them abroad. They were very heavy. Albins provide a very smart carrier bag containing a rather grotty dull brown urn which has a decidedly secondhand look about it. I may decant the ashes into several smaller and more tasteful containers at some stage.

Anyway, I suspect my ex would have smiled as I placed the ashes beside me in the bus seat 'reserved for those of limited mobility'. First time I have been in a bus with him for about forty years. Oh well.

Now all we need to do is save up to have a long weekend in Barcelona to scatter some ashes in the sea and have a memorial dinner in his honour. I suspect that we may do something similar in London too.

Dentist again tomorrow, to have a new top plate with some false gnashers. Not before time as the current one broke last night as I unwisely crunched a carrot and a tooth and bit of fake gum came off leaving a rather sharp edge. It is now wearable enough for cosmetic purposes but not for actually eating with so I shall eat chez moi until tomorrow. Pancakes, no doubt.

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