Monday, 13 February 2012

Lost at Bankside

Attempting to get to Tate Modern which is very close to where I live, I took instructions from my iphone and caught a 344 bus, which theoretically took me close to it. But there were huge building works going on all around it, and though I could see it, it was very hard to find the entrance, since I had approached it from an unfamiliar angle. Didn't help that it was freezing cold and drizzling and I had forgotten my umbrella. Finally got in and purchased a ticket using my Art Card which reduced the price to a fiver which was handy. Eventually about fifteen others turned up. I met Alison who had worked for Ernst & Young for six years in Barcelona and spoke fluent Spanish and Catalan, and had a Catalan boyfriend. She regretted leaving Barcelona, but said it was no longer the same place with all the financial troubles. Really cool, wish I spoke good Catalan.

We went up to the Yayoi Kusama exhibition which was great fun. No one can dash through an exhibition as quickly as me, and the 'best bits' as far as I am concerned, are the infinity cafe, then the last two rooms, including her latest large aboriginal type paintings in the brightest colours, then the last infinity room, which is fabulous. Pity you have to walk through with crowds of people. I could have spent ages just standing in the middle. Oh well.

Kooky thoughtfully woke me up this morning by swishing his tail and knocking a glass of water all over everything on my dressing table. Deliberately, I swear.

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