Saturday, 18 February 2012

Feeling Guilty

I had become very impatient with my ex because of all the things he seemed to have forgotten, but eventually put this down to impending Alzheimer's. Now having found out that he died of cancer of the bronchus with multiple secondaries, I realise the poor sod must have had secondaries in the brain, which would explain much of his behaviour in the months before he died. Hindsight, but I still feel bad about being so cross with him. What we don't know is whether he knew of the cancer. It would be unlike him not to mention it, but who knows?

On a slightly lighter note, sallied forth to Thai Silk for dinner and drinks where I met a couple of chatty women who both happened to live locally. My mobile rang and it was Alice, who said she was feeling lonely, and decided to join me. I therefore arranged to go to the later dinner sitting. I had arranged for 6.30 as I like to get home early, but changed this to 7.30 for Alice.

Chatting away for what seemed ages, we suddenly noticed the bar had completely emptied into the dining room, but no sign of Alice, so we kept her a place and went in, I assuming that this was the second sitting. I had to keep stopping the staff from giving Alice's seat to other hungry diners, which became a bit embarrassing. Just as I started to eat, Alice appeared. Seems she could not find the place and had been texting me. I had also not seen the time properly on my watch, so had started dinner an hour early at 6.30. However Alice refused to join us because she was not hungry and said she would sit and chat with me and then eat at the second sitting, and I would sit and talk with her during this.

After I had eaten, Alice got chatting with some other people I knew who were going to the 7.30 sitting. She then walked off to eat saying she could chat to my friends while she ate so I should wait for her in the bar! I know the original mistake was mine, but I was a bit put out. I decided that she was obviously not that keen to see me, but just wanted company, so texted her to say I was a bit tired and was going home.

Actually despite saying how shy she is, Alice does seem to make friends very easily, so I was not too bothered about her. I was quite glad to be back home at around nine, as it was becoming very cold outside. I may not hear from Alice again. Oh dear! She may become my ex NBF.

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