Friday, 10 February 2012

Cold and Quiet in SE1

Cold continues. I am trying lots of thin layers. Still fat as a pig but losing five stone definitely makes me feel the cold more. Heating still on constant. Have been buzzing around locally a bit so not done much else, but rediscovered Sarastro while visiting town so may suggest this to Christophe and Victorine for a baroque meal out. We shall see.

Nibby did her first visit as part of her residency in a local gallery and is designing postcards to be sold for a national horse charity. I caught up with her last night, but unfortunately Pierre from Canada has been rushed into hospital so she is getting the plane there today and won't be back until 8th March at the earliest. Sent my best wishes and I will be thinking about her.

Still thinking about my ex a bit. At the end of the day, he did what he wanted, and his entire life was spent battling against the rest of the world in many ways. But I remember when his mother had to go into a nursing home, and he offered to go and look after her at home instead. Hopelessly unrealistic but a kind idea just the same.

Finished the House of Seven Gables which was a bit of a nightmare in many ways. Though easier than Henry James all of these New England writers somehow seem similarly longwindedly chasing after subtleties. Oh well, I have the choice of Trollope or Gaskell next.

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