Monday, 13 February 2012

Succumbed to Temptation

and ate two slices of the tart, which, by the way, is quite good. The addition of grated orange zest over the top before baking is worth trying and would add something to most tarts. Sliced up the rest which is now in the freezer and will come out for guests if I ever have any.

I cannot believe that I managed to miss all the people on Saturday, but given that I only knew one, it was hardly surprising really. Must try harder. Going to the Yayo Kusama at Tate Modern today with them so hope I find them. It's a bit warmer outside today. Not sure whether Romy is back from Spain yet. We must hook up sometime for lunch.

Nibby still in Canada, and am thinking about them all. Kook has become a little 'bitey' recently, and I had a nip from him this morning to wake me up finally. He starts off by tickling my face with his whiskers, then rubs his face against mine for ages before losing patience and going for the jugular, so to speak with the teeth. Bastard. Robert upstairs is still curious about him and if my door is open, always looks out for him. Robert is learning to speak and is now walking quite well. Takes me back to when Dorothy was small.

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