Sunday, 12 February 2012

Non Meetup

Staggered off to Southbank where I had written in my diary that we were to meet at EAT. Hung around for ages, then went to the Festival Hall and saw no one, so took some snaps of the funfair and texted Dorothy who invited me over for coffee. After coffee we went to the Latino place in Southwark Bridge Road for brunch, which was fun. Apparently there is also a good American place nearby.

Nibby mailed to say she had arrived with swollen legs which were reducing a bit. Advised her to keep them up for a while. All reasonably OK in Canada, and at least the temperatures are a bit higher there. Thinking about them all.

I hope to have a fairly lazy day today but must put in some practise with the Brushes app on my ipad since my attempts are still pathetic. I find that there is such a delay between applying the stylus and actual marks appearing, that results are totally unpredictable. Oh well, must persevere.

Took a shot of the Shard on the way to Dorothy's. Julian excited about the new studio.

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