Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Les Trois Garcons

Is where I dined last night. Actually caught the 35 bus and it was absolutely freezing outside, despite warm clothes. Arrived early and started with a large Scotch to warm up. Kate joined me, and the menu was excellent. The service was also good as usual, and Evon joined us for a coffee after dinner. Altogether an enjoyable evening, but fell by the wayside and got a cab back. I just could not face the icy cold again.

Still tired this morning after a rather sleepless night, thinking about my ex. I felt the later part of his life was very sad, but Nibby pointed out that he lived just as he chose even though this was not the way most of us would want to live. I suppose I should be glad not to have to worry about him any more, but still...

A call from my successor yesterday. Seems there's a trustee meeting. Quite nice not to have to go to this and arrive home really late tonight. On the other hand, I am visiting the dentist today - not my favourite pastime. Oh well.

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