Wednesday, 22 February 2012

And On...

So I have given up for a day. No house phone so unless people ring me I am relying on the mobile. As soon as Tesco get some cheapies in I will invest in one of these just to be on the safe side for when O2 spring another unpleasant surprise on me.

At least I have been able to phone the boiler people. The boiler keeps shutting itself down and I keep resetting it. The engineer is coming on 5 March so let's hope it holds out until then, especially as Nibby is due to arrive on 8th.

Last night Julian invited me for pancakes. Julian is going to Barcelona for a few days today, and Dorothy is also going abroad for a conference. They will both be back on Sunday.

We had borscht, which was delicious, followed by the best pancakes I have ever eaten - lovely and thin and firm with crispy edges. Julian tells me to use 8 tablespoons of (I think) self raising flour, adding a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, two eggs, a teaspoon of white wine vinegar mixed with a teaspoon of baking powder and slowly pour milk in until when you hold a spoon up the mixture is thin, but forms a continuous ribbon. Leave overnight preferably before using. Julian uses Barbados type sugar and does not toss the pancakes but turns them carefully lifting them with a wooden flat spoon edge. This seems to make a lacy, very professional thin and gorgeous pancake.

Served any way you like, but we had preserved strawberries and sour cream, lemon, sugar, maple syrup and various jams. Fabulous.

Dentist today for new false gnashers.

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