Sunday, 29 April 2012

Bromley by Train

I was drinking a coffee in the Elephant & Castle, thinking about the vile rainy weather, when I had a sudden impulse to try a train journey. Bus pass in hand, I clambered onto a train which took around half an hour to arrive at Bromley South. By a miracle, the rain had stopped here, so I alighted and strolled up to the shops. Bromley is not a deeply inspiring place on first inspection. However I found the pensioners' friend, the charity shop, to be much in evidence. I found five in the main high street. There was a square filled with little stalls at the top of the street and masses of shops, as well as two malls. I chose the larger mall called Glades, and wandered around for a bit, window-shopping until I found the cafe in M & S, where I had a very good Irish stew soup with two little rolls and Parmesan cheese ad lib for only £3.50. Bromley is far less crowded than Oxford Street, so well worth a visit for the main shops: Hennes, TK Maxx, Laura Ashley, Marks, etc. I may go back when the rain stops again, which may take some time.

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