Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday Evening Post

There were two films - one called 'Gizmo' about a homeless man in Stoke Newington, and Guerrero about street children in South America. Both very interesting. I met Catharine and Dean again and we had a drink and a chat afterwards at the Lye Torng.

Yesterday I went to the Festival Hall for the free lunchtime concert with Rosabella Gregory and band. There were four or five artists and illustrators, and we did some sketches. We went upstairs for a chat afterwards. I met some new people including Jenny Linn-Cole who has done an MA in animation and made short films, and David Cooper who has also done animation courses.

Jenny and I popped around to the Indian food stalls outside and had snacks before she set off home on her bike.

Not sure whether Alice is turning up for a chat tonight, but had a successful shopping trip to Morrisons. They have some cheese slices with only 50 calories each, and reduced Gu puds down to £1.70 a pair - the glass dishes are very handy, so bargain!

Cuppa with Dorothy at Borough Market. Dorothy has managed to pay some Spanish bills online and promises to show me how to do this, then , on the way back, surprisingly bumped into Roman with his partner. I had not seen Roman for years, but he looked just the same.

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