Sunday, 29 April 2012


I purchased a rather pretty belt in the sale at Peacocks for £3. Coffee at Mamuska. I noticed that they have a large Polish breakfast menu, and the lunch menu has increased in size, mains all only a fiver. Encouraged by this I decided to venture the special, which was a dish of huge dumplings filled with minced pork, served with a healthy carrot and leek salad. They also do a large plate of salad with either grilled chicken, mackerel or cheese. I may try this next time as the healthy option. Later I had coffee with Dorothy at Borough Market. I discussed the possibility of having an exhibition, and Dorothy thought that since I had never bothered to sell work or exhibit, and since my stuff is so very varied, that the 'Outsider' would be a good option. I had always thought that you had to be untrained or released from Barlinnie to merit this title, but he is right in a way. I have never been part of the mainstream, and this would be quite a departure for me. We bumped into Julian, the rain became appalling, Borough High Street was closed going towards the Elephant, so they kindly accompanied me to the tube before departing. Tomorrow I am due to have a Turkish lunch at Ev.

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