Sunday, 8 April 2012

No Real News

Quiet day and evening, lightened up a bit by Mr Zip on a talent show with a rap about a lost keys and mobile. Restores one's faith etc. Well it made me laugh anyway. Twitter is full of it. I am sure it will be a novelty hit.

Dull again today but at least the garden is getting wet. Dorothy and Julian due for dinner tonight, so I hope Dorothy's illness has improved enough. Will roast a chicken. Nibby showed me how to make a very good stuffing by dismantling good quality pork and apple sausages and mixing with chopped fried onions, garlic and binding with an egg. To cook separately but putting a lemon inside the chicken. I shall do roasted mixed vegetables and maybe some broccoli. We shall see. Cava to drink I think, but there is some red wine as well. Have not even thought about a pudding. Maybe choccie thingies with coffee after dinner. Unless I suddenly become inspired. Unlikely.

Kook is getting back into the bad habit of waking me very early despite the clock changes. 6am today. He was soaking wet, and his fur was very cold, too. A rude awakening. Happy Easter from the Kookster!

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