Friday, 27 April 2012

Title for Exhibition

I was toying with the idea of having an exhibition of my sorry sketches but have been assured by Nibby that I must pester the press with emails for months, do some more actual painting, organise press releases, muck about with images to pester said press with, have hundreds of postcards printed with several images etc etc. All this in addition to attempting to hire a gallery - no small feat since I keep sending messages and never get replies from people. Then actually inviting people to the opening, trying to fix some prices, deciding whether to invite friends to exhibit with me, keeping a gallery book saying what I have done, keeping notes of what I need to do, then organising an opening, paying for lots of booze etc and then invigilating the whole thing for a week. Not sure I am up to this task. My current dilemma is what to call the exhibition. Here are some ideas, mainly a bit tragic: The Old Bat Paints Again; Sue's Still At It; The Old Lady of - Street and Friends; Showing Off; Granny Harding and Friends; Sue's Last Stand; Can't Paint Will Paint; Sue's Acrylic Allsorts; etc. etc. All wordy contributions gratefully received. Anyway I am trying to breach the awkward gap between totally pretentious and tragically frivolous - so far I am veering fast towards the second, I suspect. Trying to find a catchy caption is harder than I thought which is why I have not had a wonderful career as an advertising copywriter, dammit.

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