Friday, 13 April 2012

Getting About a Bit

Went to Westerham, Kent on WAC's 'happy bus pass' outing on Wednesday - this was a sudden impulse since rain was forecast, but in the event Westerham was fine. A bit of a trek - train from Waterloo East to Hayes (not a bad destination for charity and clothing agency shops) then a bus straight to the village green in Westerham. Known to be the residence of General Wolfe (statue on the green) and Winston Churchill. Very pretty little church, St Mary's with lovely views from the churchyard. I chatted with someone from the group and we had a snacky lunch in a small cafe. Thus fuelled we proceeded, not to appreciate the many beauties of this village, but to raid the two charity shops. I found a skirt and my companion, though finding nothing to her taste, purchased a rather cute modern stainless steel teapot from a smart shop nearby. It was double-walled to keep the heat in and had a reservoir for the tea and was a batchelor, two-cup size. We then turned back to Hayes and both found small things in the three charity shops there, before my final purchase in the dress agency by the station of a pair of very smart Geox shoes, normally far beyond my purse. A very satisfactory day. Also shows how far you can get on a bus pass and still have time to get around a bit - the journey was about an hour and a half each way altogether.

Yesterday I went to the matinee of She Stoops to Conquer at the Olivier. Julia (the leader of the Meetup) and I agreed that the actress playing the wife, Mrs Hardcastle, was far too shrill and over the top, even for a shrill and over the top part this did jar a bit, but the rest of the cast and production were very good indeed. Nevertheless I almost drifted off a couple of times, I suspect due to the warmth, darkness and my old age.

Kook is due to go to the vet today for his annual jab and examination. Always a bit of an ordeal to try and get him in a basket and cab him there and back.

Apparently there is some kind of art exhibition at the Waterloo Action Centre. Don't know whether it is just oldies or what, but I shall put in a brief appearance on Sunday. Seems one can hire the place for a week for £500. Maybe I should chat with some friends about the possibility of hiring, given the good location near the Old Vic and Waterloo Station. The main deterrent to me is having to deal with all the publicity though a lot could be done by email no doubt, rather than paper invitations. We shall see.

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