Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Pencil back

I don't know how it has happened, but the pencil has now reappeared, all on its own.

Strangely, i have managed to do the digital change thingy on my TV. Mind you I had to copy the instructions down sent by the changeover people. Then I somehow failed to understand something so rang the Samsung help people, who were actually very helpful. They have given me a reference number and instructions to ring them again on 18th, which is the second, and hopefully final, part of the changeover.

Tried to book a Meetup involving a talk on surrealism and wines of Barcelona at some tapas bar called Barcelona in the city. However, when I tried they confounded me by asking for all kinds of passwords, so gave up on this. I have now changed some of my passwords so many times that I can't remember them, and can't remember which ones I have changed. Hopeless.

The weather is now much worse, unfortunately. On the brighter side I purchased the new Koh-i-Noor solid inks in a palette of 20 and these arrived yesterday. They are absolutely brilliant colours full of pigment. They only cost £4.30 but the postage is nearly as much again. I must try and persuade my local art shop to stock them. I have told Nibby about them because they would be perfect for her as she is such a good painter.

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