Wednesday, 18 April 2012

More Stuff

Barcelona is a disaster. I can't go and pay the bills as I have lent all my money so unless I become rich soon will have to abandon all hope of this. I thought Julian was arriving with my Spanish bills today but she left them while I was out yesterday. Since the last time all this happened I could not get any sense out of my Spanish bank or the electric or water companies in Spain I will obviously have to spend a fortune going out there and dealing with it, which means flights and hotels and transport there, quite apart from the vast sums no doubt owing. Seemingly only bribes have been paid not to cut off the services, rather than paying the actual bills which is not very satisfactory. I wish the Spanish could latch on to the idea of direct debits. They seem to work for other bills in Spain, I hope, unless none of these have been collected either. We shall see eventually.

Going to the Bona Vacantia office tomorrow morning to pick up the letters re my poor old ex before I can start dealing with all the probate stuff.

Had coffee with an ex punter yesterday which was very pleasant, then off to the Physio at St. Thomas who did yet another assessment but I decided to put off a series of appointments for treatment in case I have to go to Barcelona if my boat comes in.

Last night braved the weather to go to the NFT and see La Grande Illusion for a fiver, which was very good and one of the Renoir films I had not previously seen. It had been remastered I think and the quality was very good indeed.

Due to go to LCP over the road tonight to see a film about homeless children in South America which should be interesting.

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