Monday, 23 April 2012


Often wondered what I would do if my scalp psoriasis became much worse. I experimented by putting on a rather nasty little black velvet turban and winding around some crinkle-cut cotton Gudrun long scarves. The result to me looks a bit like a cross between Molly Parkin's turbans and Camilla Batmangelidjh. Funnily enough, it seems to stay in place quite well, so if things get desperate you may be horrified by the above vision in a street near you. I shall endeavour to match things up.

Anyway, yesterday Madeleine bought me lunch at the Laughing Gravy after we had wandered around the food stalls behind the Festival Hall. I noticed Andrew Logan looking rather fetching in yellow and green among the diners at the Festival Hall. Later we had coffee chez moi and chatted for some time.

Pissing with rain again today so have been wasting my time 'dressing up', above. Also met David for coffee at the E & C and chatted for ages before a curry at the Lye Torng - Penang, this time.

Made a pink pudding. This time I had taken the precaution of refrigerating a can of low fat evaporated milk. I poured half out and whipped it up ferociously. I then boiled the kettle and made up half a pint of jelly (with a pint's worth of crystals), added a handful of frozen berries, stirred and poured immediately into the frothy milk and stirred again before refrigerating. Attacked it after a few hours and it has come out in three layers - a bottom layer of deep pink with fruit in it, a second layer of pink jelly, and a third creamy pink layer of foamy fluff. Could not wait to ring Nibby and tell her. This will look excellent poured into glasses and served with a raspberry and some icing sugar on top. We shall see. The interesting thing to the dieter is that the total number of calories is around 150 for three to four servings, which isn't bad, possibly even less if made in small glass pots or wine glasses.

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