Monday, 9 April 2012

Easter Sunday

Very quiet and chatted with Nibby in the morning. Pottered around all day doing washing and so on. Really dull, drizzly and generally boring weather.

Later Dorothy and Julian appeared for dinner, clutching Easter bunnies. We enjoyed a roast chicken with roasted vegetables and broccoli and Nibby's recipe stuffing, followed by wonderful cakes from Yauatcha, above.

Seems that Dorothy's skiing, though involving accidents on both days - the first to the elbow and a nasty wrench to the leg on the second day, and also really bad sunburn - was a success in that Dorothy has decided that skiing is fun and wants to go again.

Julian was rather tired after some overexertion the night before, but managed to enjoy dinner and directed a mini Easter egg hunt with Dorothy doing the egg finding.

Went to bed tired and happy to have seen them again.

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