Saturday, 14 April 2012

Somerset House Again

Went to an exhibition of art which will later be auctioned at Christies to raise money for homeless people. A small show, with an interesting piece by Anthony Gormley, and one by Bob & Roberta Smith.

Also the field of flowers I had seen being installed with Nibby a while ago is now finished and in place.

Had a cup of tea afterwards and chatted with a few people.

Strangely, while I was outside in the courtyard, a strange young woman came up to me and said I looked 'really cool' and wanted to know where I had purchased my clothes! I was dressed mainly in Gudrun, with red Specsavers specs and a necklace in red and turquoise kindly sent to me for Christmas from my friend Catriona. I suppose things kind of went together in a red and greeny kind of way. After this I felt rather self-conscious though.

Spoke briefly to Dorothy who was busy.

Tomorrow, yet another exhibition, this time at Waterloo Action Centre, and apparently I have put myself down for a film event about homeless children in South America which is showing over the road next Wednesday. Dear me.

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