Sunday, 29 April 2012

Saturday Evening

Watched the Voice and fell asleep during Britain's Got Talent and woke up to see a bit of Benidorm before giving up on the telly. Finished 'Candide', which was very funny and which, for some reason, I had never read before, and now reading Letters on England, where Voltaire spent a few years. The outsider idea is becoming more concrete, after I did an appalling scribble last night (below). The strange dangling bits are droplets from my chandelier lamp. The particularly drunken (and out of all proportion) jug was achieved by the angle I was working at, not by the ingestion of psychedelic substances, unfortunately. Remind me to try drawing under the influence of absinthe. An interesting way of getting further down the bottle of powerful stuff in my drinks cupboard. We shall see...

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