Saturday, 7 April 2012

Quite Funny

Bit of a restless night about my telephone. However I rang the Magicbox helpline and explained my plight. 'Oh dear' said the helper ' the handbook is locked in the office until Monday', Fortunately he then remembered that one of the keys had a padlock symbol printed on it and that if you pressed it down continually, the phone would unlock. The star key was the one, and it worked much to our relief!

Very dull outside today, but have done a pile of washing, unloaded the dishwasher, and may venture forth to the Elephant & Castle to purchase a paper.

Just discovered that the cheap yellow cotton trousers I purchased for £16 from Peacocks will go very well with my navy, yellow and white umbrella, but also a scarf in those colours. Useful. I now need a green pair, but have not seen any so far. Will keep looking. However financial shortages have become very apparent so I must stop this profligate spending, unsuitable to a State pensioner.

Wasted 40p yesterday on the local rag. The local 'Who's (stabbed) Who'. Dear me. But still ploughing through the rest of de Maupassant. Had not realised his life was so tragic. Daudet and Flaubert next I suspect, then maybe back to the Russians. We shall see. Poor Dorothy has some kind of cold or flu. Remind me to avoid going abroad and picking up foreign bugs.

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