Sunday, 29 January 2012

Pensioner Party

Was invited to a pensioner party where I saw quite a few of our punters. One notable woman, now a non drinker, had thoughtfully brought several half bottles of the hard stuff, including rum, vodka, whisky, gin and Southern Comfort for our consumption, and poured me at least quarter of a pint of neat whisky, which cheered me up rather a lot, particularly after I followed this with a few glasses of red wine.

Thus disinhibited I devoured around six sandwiches, some trifle, crisps and cake. There was an excellent noisy disco, so I staggered to the floor and danced several times, hopefully burning up a few calories. The local MP, my former chairman, the mayor, and three councillors were all present.

There were local lady Morris dancers, but my abiding memory will be of the whole company, including many white-haired ladies in their eighties, shouting 'who the fuck is Alice?' in a resounding chorus to the ubiquitous Roy Chubby Brown version of the song. A couple of the councillors looked rather shocked. Perhaps they should get out more.

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