Friday, 10 August 2012


Have had masses off the brambles next door. I have made blackberry gin and blackberry and apple crumble. Today I have to think of something else. I ate a few of the berries which had been soaking in gin and sugar, and decided they would be good with ice cream. I shall call them 'ginberries'. Met Brendan and his uncle at Waterloo, and we exchanged money and painting which helped my tragic finances. I have been doing a different diet: eating 5-600 calories only on alternate days, and unrestricted calories on the other days. I shall try this, with Nibby, as it definitely seems doable, and has been going well so far. I have been stretched to find very low calorie things which I can eat in quantity. My low calorie jelly (40 per pint) with a handful of frozen berries have been useful here, as have piles of Iceberg lettuce and the Mamuska chicken or fish salads. I shall report back on progress. The great thing is that it is easier to stick to so far as one can look forward to one's 'non-diet' days. We shall see.

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