Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Saw Some Friends

Coffee with David in the morning. Then lunch at Mamuska and finished a short sketch I had done the day before in black and white. Later I went back and had a very excellent lunch and sketched a punter. In the afternoon I sat outside in the sun and finished this while chatting with Nils, when a voice, apparently disembodied, called my name. This turned out to be Louise over the fence who came and joined us for coffee and a chat about the recent Lye torng closure. Then Kate turned up later bearing food and drink. We had a very long natter and she advised using little curls of masking tape on each corner to mount my work if it needed a mount because this would be easily removed if someone wanted to change the mount, so I shall do this. She will also investigate printers and see if she can find a good price as we both want some stuff printed. Then I lent her my new Gudrun pink dress and jacket with a matching crinkly stole thing for a wedding in America. She looked very good in this, but I suspect being tall and slim probably helps. I had a call from someone wanting to purchase a painting. He lives in the suburbs and I am within the charging zone thingy, so he is coming up by train and I shall meet him at Waterloo, clutching the painting! Well, it is all dosh, sadly needed these days. Anyway, here's the sketches:

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