Monday, 13 August 2012

Relaxed Monday

So much so that I left my cardi on the back of the seat outside Mamuska and it had vanished later when I returned to see if someone had handed it in. My strict diet day today, helped by a few raw carrot batons. Bought some low calorie cup soup. Have also purchased some half fat cheese for my non diet days to make cheese on toast. Had a Mamuska mackerel salad, light on the mackerel, heavy on the salad for lunch today and just sketched a few punters there. Tried on a couple of cardigans at Peacocks, and bought some navy ballerinas there for £7. Due to visit the podiatrist for an 'assessment visit' tomorrow. The Brixton exhibition closes soon with a party on Thursday night. Dorothy unable to come so may invite Evon and Kate. We shall see. Bumped into Jackie, who said she might restart her usual parties at the penthouse, beginning with a fireworks party, and I said this would be very welcome. Kook suddently became a bit aggressive today and nipped me a couple of times, but mildly walked away when I told him to clear off. Minutes later, he was back and butter wouldn't melt!

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