Sunday, 19 August 2012

Dramatic Day at Gaywood Street

But the morning passed uneventfully, with coffee and drawing the table tennis players upstairs at the shopping centre. I had a sudden invitation to draw for the day at South Bank but turned this down because an old aquaintance was due at 3pm to have a natter and possibly purchase a painting. Such a hot day. Anyway, Nils was up and about so I introduced them and we had a chat about the relative merits of various kinds of coffee, after which Nils made a cup of Turkish coffee for Ellie. We sat about in the heat for a bit, then looked through my work and Ellie selected my Combe Martin painting. However at this point she suddenly became ill, pale and sweating and feeling faint but her face was very red and she felt her pulse was racing. Things became worse rather than better so an ambulance was called and she was taken to hospital. Nils and I were rather concerned, but apparently all is well and Ellie wants to meet up and for lunch some time and collect and pay for the painting. Dear me. Nils reported that all the front doors on the opposite side of the street were opened with all the neighbours having a good stare at the ambulance, so they must have all been looking out waiting for something to happen! Today was rather quieter, Madeleine came over and we drove to Butler's Wharf and hung out in the hot sun, but even this became rather dramatic with a heavy downpour at one point.

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