Friday, 24 August 2012

Thor's Day

Had my usual coffee outside Mamuska, then set off to find Reunion in Union Street. I have to say that despite the welcoming sign outside and the stated opening hours, the place was firmly padlocked. Some people outside said it was an architectural student project, so basically it was a building site. On the way back home I strolled into the Duke of York and had a salad. I decided to draw the view out of the window where the railway bridge crosses over, which was quite difficult, but had a go at it. Three hours later I set off home. Had a quiet evening banging screws into the backs of frames, so will need to purchase some more tomorrow. Will also get prints of some A3 images and some of A4 to make cards. I have been invited to do more than one drawing of a cafe for which I will hopefully be paid, thanks to Nils. I may go over and take a look at it later and decide on angles, etc and may even make a start. We shall see. Drawing at South Bank tomorrow but it promises to rain unfortunately. Anyway here's my finished version of the Duke of York:

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