Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Busy Monday and Knackered Tuesday

Romy very kindly drove me to Lakeside IKEA. After a quick lunch we successfully found the frames and I purchased masses of A3 and A4 frames, plus some wonderful hatboxes which were half price and will be useful for storing things. I also found some mattress covers for only £4, which was excellent. Fortunately Nils handed me some cash in the evening, so I darted into Lloyds today to try and get some money in before my overdraft registered. Such is life. Met David for coffee today and spent time framing drawings. I have decided I probably shan't exhibit my paintings. I have far too much stuff so I shall carry on drawing and put what I think is the best in the exhibition. If I have far too much I may just exhibit my 'local' and other London drawings. I can always have another with drawings of my house and garden and immediate surroundings. We shall see. Romy rang me today to suggest a drawing place and possible place for coffee with David in Union Street. Seems there is a new space which they are doing up called Reunion. Must investigate.

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