Friday, 17 August 2012


Went to Brixton and had time for a long chat with several fellow artists who were very helpful about my printing problems etc. Quite a productive evening. I also met someone who is holding some kind of music and arts event over a weekend in Brixton in September and asked if I would do some sketching at this event. We shall see. Got back really quite late so rather knackered. Ate for England and not too sure about this feast and famine diet. No doubt Sunday will reveal the awful results and will determine whether I continue. Today was my low calorie day and was quite manageable, particularly if I eat more really early in the day. Met David who checked my recent artistic effort which I have since improved and will post a shot when I have had time to take a snap. Sat in the garden and I don't quite know what happened as I was drawn to sketching a rather unfortunate nearly dead rose thing attached with bright blue wire to a plastic green plant support. This looked like crap in real life and even crapper when I finished my desultory effort. Dear me. I have always been attracted to ugly unsightly things: my last husband for example. A bit tragic but there you go. 'Must try harder' as all my school reports once said. Dorothy in Germany for a week. It has been boiling hot again and will apparently be so again tomorrow which is great, so we will then have had at least a week of summer this year.

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