Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Positive thinking

It is now Thursday morning. A friend appeared last night and we sat in the garden, joined by Nils later. We chatted about things and I did consume half a small glass of red wine which brought me about 60 calories over the 500 allocated for the day, but never mind. Nils was displaying the Kookster to her family on skype. No doubt they were amazed to see the enormous beast I am harbouring here. Thinking about what people are saying about my work reminds me of my prefoundation tutor who told me that I could do any kind of work related to art. So an 'illustrative' or 'graphic' style does not necessarily mean that one should be sidetracked away from one's lonely path as a sketcher. Nibby tells me that I am not a sketcher because my drawings take so long to do. Seems I am a 'drawer' but we shall see. Had a few more followers on Twitter since I have been posting my sketches, which is interesting. I sometimes think my need to draw and post my stuff is like tagging or graffiti - kind of a 'Sue Woz 'Ere' way of providing evidence of my tiny existence. Sad bastard, eh? Tonight is the end of Brixton and Nils might come. We shall see. I may gather some more blackberries today. Someone suggested calling next door and begging some windfall apples from their tree, tantalisingly just out of reach. If I could find enough blackberries I suppose I could offer to make them a blackberry and apple crumble. We shall see. Must try and find time to do a drawing today since I have lapsed a bit recently.

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