Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Makes you Sick

Not only am I mad but I look much older than I am. Went to the opening of a Southwark Arts and Music Festival last night invited by Romy. There were a few pieces of artwork which we had supposed were done by college students but turned out to be by local artists. The opening was very small and opened by the female mayor, who asked me if I were Romy's mum! After I had spent hours putting slap on. I nearly slapped the mayor, I can tell you, but I now prefer to think that Romy looks very young. Which she does, the bitch. Oh well. Romy kindly stood me dinner at Nando's which made me feel better. Having sold some cards recently, I had to spend £23 on pens and £10 on cellophane bags for cards, much more than I made through selling them. The sums don't quite seem to add up, especially if I add photographs, cards, envelopes stickers with prices on etc. Perhaps I am mad to do it. Romy could not understand why I had not been invited to exhibit at the show since most of my work is based on local places. Brixton will do me fine and I shall have my own show at Waterloo Action Centre in November, for which I must purchase more frames from IKEA. I have acquired quite a few more bits from the Lye Torng closure, including a fifties coffee table, three chairs, a lovely cast iron table for the garden, various trendy little kitchen items and four goldfish. I am keeping them away from the others and will have to try and find something to put them in which I can keep in the garden, and with a fixed slatted top which Kooky can't fish through. I shall have a look in the ironmongers tomorrow.

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