Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kook Showing Disturbed Behaviour

Went drawing yesterday at south bank, and came back amid the rain and storm to discover that Kook had thoughtfully vomited all over my quilt. After washing this, I went out to Ken's birthday meal in the evening after waiting for the very heavy stormy weather to subside a bit. Arrived home pretty early but rather tired so went to bed. Around 5.20am Kooky starting rushing around the house wailing, which I foolishly ignored. Later there was an awful smell, so I got up to discover he had crapped on an IKEA bag in the living room. Tested his catflap which was working so I can only assume that his behaviour was caused by my failure to attend to his earlier demands. Dear me. Maybe he doesn't like having a lodger. I may well have to reinstate the poo tray which I had been hoping to avoid. Anyway I am glad to have come back early from the south bank washout. Apparently the others stayed and walked a lot and got very wet. I did a short sketch of a couple before drawing some sketchers from the top of the National Theatre which I thinks shows the windy weather.
Nils and her friend who had come down from Manchester went to the Toulouse Lautrec to listen to the jazz singer.

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