Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Tense Tuesday

Successfully had my low calorie day but felt a bit tense as I kept being offered food which was a bit tricky. Today (Tuesday) I shall go to the podiatrist which I am sure will be a complete waste of time as it is publicised as an assessment, i.e. no actual treatment. We shall see. Have not seen David for days so I hope all is well there. Evon may come around tomorrow and will call me tonight to let me know. Must keep £20 for Annie. Am trying not to use the bank but just rely on cash, which has run very short. I went to bed early last night because Nils had a friend around for coffee in the evening. I am so unused to having people in the house. At least I have proved I can do it, but would probably need to have a break now and then. In future I shall look for a cat lover, so I could go and visit Nibby and have a reliable cat feeder in the house. Nils is nervous around Kook which is hardly surprising, given his size.

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