Monday, 27 August 2012

Knackered Sunday

Every pot and container outside was full of water in the morning after Saturday's storm. I transferred it all to a large bucket with which I can top up the fishpond, which was also a bit overfilled with water. The blackberries are now fewer but have been used for lots of puddings with apples and were used to make my experimental blackberry gin. I did not get any work done on Sunday, and am meeting Julian today, but hope to progress further soon. No weight loss, stayed the same, but will try harder this week. Today is my 500 calorie day. I did rather ruin Saturday with a large green curry to celebrate Ken's birthday. In Mamuska today they tweeted that they were offering free pierogi to the first four customers who came in and said 'Mamuska Tweets' so a pity it is my diet day. Oh well. Though no more drawings I have been working on a couple of unsatisfactory prints, with colour and ink, and at least one looks to me better than the original though being a 'mechanical print' each is not worth tuppence on its own, but with my added transformation, of course is now priceless and by the time I have progressed this method, discovered by accident, no one will be able to afford them. We shall see. Kook seems to be back to normal now, though he ate less yesterday. Probably disturbed by the storm or eating mice. Made a dressing today involving a tin of anchovies in olive oil, a small tin of stoneless olives, some balsamic vinegar, a little low fat mayo and a couple of tablespoons of plain yoghurt all whizzed up in the Magimix. I thought a little would go a long way in jazzing up an Iceberg lettuce, pasta or anything else for that matter. Now in a jam jar in the fridge. Looks revolting but tastes OK. Problem is I keep forgetting to buy garlic. Bloody Tesco has been without packets of low calorie soup for nearly two weeks now which is very annoying. Will try Sainsbury's in Borough where they are better value anyway. Dorothy back from foreign parts but have not clapped eyes on the lederhosen yet. We shall see. Nils' friend Sonia has now departed for Manchester, and Nils is out visiting. Pity about the crap weather, but normal for a bank holiday. I am really keen to get on with some work but this always seems to involve making purchases of food or drink. Also, I must find some new places. The Duke of York was good the other day. May try EAT at south bank again where I sketched the couple outside. BTW the saying is 'mama tweets' at Mamuska. They may still have two pierogi prizes at least they did 45 minutes ago. Starving....

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