Sunday, 12 August 2012

Woolwich Arsenal

Up at 4.30 but dozed off until 5.20 to be roused by Kooky wailing loudly, no doubt annoyed at a failure to catch a mouse. They are becoming rather wily. Off to Woolwich today. My low calorie day which is just as well since I overdid it somewhat yesterday. Kook, now replete after half a tin of salmon Kit-E-Kat, is asleep on the bedroom floor. Yesterday I noticed that the skin on my legs and arms is becoming horribly dry and thin with old age so I purchased the last bottle of Johnson's Holiday Skin at half price as a moisturiser with a bit of self tan to improve the colour a bit. Some old people have a really good leathery tan but my legs refuse to change colour despite exposure to the sun. Oh well. Must water the garden, ring Nibby and purchase a paper before I set off. It is now Sunday. 53 bus takes a very long time (about an hour if not more) to arrive at Woolwich. There were masses of sketchers and it was great to see them again, especially the fabulous Fabiola who conducted matters very efficiently on her home turf. Lovely day so I sketched people watching the Olympics on a big screen. Though there was plenty of excellent architecture which will have to wait for another day, I vegged out since it was my very strict diet day, and concentrated on relaxing and rehydrating. I then did a brief sketch of the garden outside the pub later and we compared notes. There was plenty of excellent work being passed around and people were very kind about my meagre offerings. Before I left for Woolwich, I became slightly obsessed with snapping shadows: here's an enormous one of me coming back from buying the papers at Elephant with my shopping basket:
more weight to lose here, I suspect!

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