Friday, 10 August 2012

Hola Again!

Snaps back from Snapfish so made another 40 cards. Nils thinks the images from my journals would make good diary covers. Hair cut (too short, and in particular, too short at the sides) yesterday, but it only cost a tenner. Lunch at Albert Arms, which was very good, for two days, and sketched both rooms there. Devastated to hear of the death of Robert Hughes, my favourite art critic. I shall purchase a couple more of his books including his memoir. Currently reading Turgenev - can't seem to leave him alone. Did a couple of sketches but last night, unsatisfied with the mess I had made of the old painting of Gaywood Street, attacked it once more, this time with inks, then wiped some off. It is more lurid now, and not sure whether it is better or worse. Put it in a cheap frame to stop myself from doing any more harm pro tem. Have managed to get dark blue ink on my dress, bra, and the floor downstairs. So mucky.

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