Saturday, 4 August 2012


My days have been rather recently. I have made up some cards using prints from Snapfish but have only done one sketch. Today I drew Art Cafe interior in London Road, with a punter reading the paper. I am not very happy with it so may have another go at it soon. The fishes have braved their dustbin and come up to the top. Unfortunately Kook is showing an unhealthy interest in them so I hope they will wise up to his evil ways in time to save themselves. Lunch with Romy in the garden on Thursday which was good. I am definitely missing Lye torng, especially since at the weekends the Albert pub, pretty but useless, is closed. Had lunch at Mamuska today after a brief coffee with David this morning followed by a trip to Brixton. Studio 73 is looking good, but my unframed bits were not well presented, so I took them back to have a think. My stuff is much better framed, even if unmounted. South Bank Arts do an economy mounting for things, but it still works out to be quite expensive and more than my IKEA frames so there's not much point. I could just centre them and mount on card, then on board to make them more presentable, and get some A3 and A4 cellophane bags from Ebay, because some people might prefer to get them framed themselves. Oh well, I shall give it some thought. Nils is coming after three tomorrow and I have just realised I don't have an iron since I don't iron anything. I do have a small steam pressing thing though. I need to chat about this with her. I suspect she will disappear after a very short time as my domestic life is more than a little chaotic. We shall see. I shall buy some A3 card tomorrow to attempt to mount a few things. I suppose I could window mount them, too. Romy has kindly offered to take me to IKEA to get more frames soon, and she can take a couple of chairs home for her garden at the same time. I had an email from someone who wants to buy some of my stuff, which may be interesting.

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