Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I ordered some folded card and envelopes and went to the art shop. However, it seems that people do not buy actual photographs on cards and want them inkjet printed on the actual card. So I will not be selling cards to shops, not having an inkjet printer, despite having in the past sold my tatty old home made cards to American Retro, the ICA bookshop, Ko Kon Tozai and many other trendy places. I shall now just have to sell to the discriminating few! I have had a few images photocopied on thick card and I have to say they look quite good to me, but there you go. Investigated illustration and card agencies and I have to say that though my work is described as illustrative, this would not seem to fit in with anything else I have seen. I am just 'illustrating' everything I see around me rather than trying to draw something commercial and product-related. I shall reduce my cards to £1 each because they are apparently not up to modern-day standards of presentation. I do hope my friend Victorine won't be insulted to receive one for her birthday. Nils paid me some money today which was a relief and enabled me to get a salad for lunch. Apart from making a few more cards showing the outside of the Albert Arms I have not been very productive as it is my 500 calorie day. I suspect this will creep up to 600 calories before the day is out. We shall see. Definitely looking forward to tomorrow. Evon is due to pay me a call later in the day and may want me to draw her dogs. Must remember to put the garden waste out tomorrow night, which is the last night of the Brixton exhibition. I have just realised that I do become a bit crabby on 500 calories a day.

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