Friday, 10 August 2012


Had to go to the art shop to buy another Bristol board A4 pad. The proprietor was telling me how I could buy larger paper and cut it up, but they have no guillotine and neither do I so that was not much use. Some of the paper was a bit off-white so I showed her my recent sketches to show how I need thick paper with a white background. She got quite excited by my work and said how talented I was, and how many artists they had through the door who were not nearly as good. She said she thought I should sell my stuff to card companies and suggested I look up some illustration agencies. She also wanted me to produce some cards with folds for her to sell. I would have to stick things to the back with a card title, which might prove problematic since they would need to be printed somehow. Oh well. I suppose it is quite heartening that some people like what I do. We shall see. Meanwhile I shall keep practising.

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