Friday, 13 February 2009

Butlins, Buying and Tai Chi

I do like this Hinde postcard of the Tropicana Heated Pool at Butlins Rockley Sands.Will have a bash at some still lifes. I have only purchased two things recently: a depiller for my cashmere sweaters which seem to bobble like mad, and a simple book on Tai Chi. I shall have a go at this in the privacy of my own home. It does look suitably sedate. My dear old mother had enrolled for classes, but died before she could start them, so maybe I should have a go, as she often had some very good ideas. Years ago, the staff of UCH were all following her advice to put Dead Sea salt in the bath for relaxation, to the extent that the local chemists were running out of supplies. The vixens wanted her to come up to London so they could sit at her feet and absorb wisdom about life. Tai Chi might suit some of our punters as it is a gentle exercise. Maybe we could get someone to do a demonstration for them at one of our functions. After all, plenty of Chinese oldies do it in the parks!

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