Saturday, 21 February 2009

Peppers Done Pro Tem

have persevered with the peppers, having had lunch at the Lye Torng and exhausted other activities.

They are a bit dull and formulaic, but never mind. Should have done a baby blue background. As it is I mixed up all the colours I had used (waste not, want not) added some blue, red and white which made a very dull purple. Having sworn to stop being a spendthrift I managed to spend £20 in the art shop on materials. However, some of these were brushes and a paint knife, so will last.

I may leave the peppers for a bit. Was thinking of either painting some lemons, or indeed any kitchen items. I do rather favour mother's old petit marmite from the fifties. I have all mother's ancient Le Creuset pots, some of which are covered in dodgy looking chips and dents, but all dating back to the days when people did real cooking.

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