Monday, 23 February 2009

Fish Tart

It looks okayish - trouble is I would have to destroy it to taste it, so may just hope for the best. If it doesn't slice well I do have a small pastry cutter so I could do little circles - I hope it slices though. I feel I shall have to apologise for it in advance. Never had fish tart before!

I have now cut it into little circles, leaving enough to taste it. It is really quite OK. I have made more mayo using peanut oil with a bit of olive oil, two cloves of garlic crushed in, a bit of dill and some lemon instead of vinegar. I intend to serve it on small plates with lemon quarters, a little pool of mayo, some sprinkled brown shrimps and a small bit of dill on the side. I hope the others like it. It seems I have inadvertently invented a new dish. As long as I don't knock the containers over on the way there!

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